We aim to build cooperative working alliances where the full extent of our resources is available to you, flexibly when and where you need them most.

From this office or in 'Partnerships', our marine-related solutions, additional to recruitment, include the following:

• Crew Administration
• Crew Employment and Payroll
• Crew Medical
• Crew Insurance
• Consultancy

Crew Administration

Operating a quality management system approved by Lloyd's Register allows us to assist our Clients with all manner of operational functions including, but not limited to:

• Contract issue
• Compilation and maintenance records
• Ongoing monitoring of STCW certification
• Officer/crew planning and scheduling
• Arrangements of training, medicals and travel

Crew Employment And Payroll

Our expertise in conjunction with Viking Maritime Recruitment (Guernsey) Limited, based in Guernsey, Channel Islands, is to offer to Clients, crew management and payroll services, which will significantly contribute to operational savings in the employment of maritime staff.

The system in operation is designed to comply with current legislation and withstand the rigours of close auditing.

The individuals involved are far from faceless financiers: they are highly qualified specialists, whose additional function is to support the systems in place by responding to financial payroll related enquiries of 'employees' and provide individual, user-friendly, support and guidance to Clients.

Crew Medical

In partnership with specially selected medical centres, we can offer Owners/Managers an enhanced medical pre-employment screening programme, ensuring all seafarers meet the highest criteria, easily exceeding statutory fitness levels. Ongoing 'healthwatch' monitoring and maintenance is also a feature.

The programme is operated in conjunction with UK MCA approved doctors, strategically located throughout the UK and Eire. Other approved doctors are available in Antibes, Vancouver, Miami, Cape Town and Sydney.

Crew Insurance

In partnership with MHG, we can direct you to their group and individual benefit programs. MHG Marine Benefits is the marine industry's international benefits specialist. These plans have been specifically tailored to fit the unique needs of professional marine crew and include comprehensive medical insurance, disability insurance, life insurance and retirement savings. MHG's plans are used by yacht owners, brokers and management companies worldwide to attract and retain the best Captains and Crew available.

Further details can be found on their website.


Whilst entirely recognising Clients' existing expertise, we would be pleased to supplement it with specific information, guidance and advice (if needed) based on our breadth of experience. Our position as a leading provider of recruitment and associated services to the cruise industry, in particular, gives us a unique insight into the operation of the passenger/guest market sector. Over many years we have enhanced our own knowledge and nurtured a network of contacts and business relationships which can be used to provide cost-effective solutions for Clients. We will do our utmost to ensure that any quandary or challenge you have, with our input, does not develop into a predicament for you.

If you or your organisation is interested in any of the above services then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how best they can work for you.

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